Common Questions We Can Help With!

  • Q. Can I afford a HR Consultant when what I really need is more ‘hands on deck?”

    A. We know there are so many areas that you should invest in and to our way of thinking, there are few things as important as your talent. Attracting, protecting, growing and enabling high performance is critical.
  • Q. Is an outsourced People (HR) Solution more or less expensive than hiring?

    A. ‘Outsourcing’ could there be anything that sounds more cold and heartless? That’s not us, and we know it’s not you. Whether you see us every day, every week or every month we work with you and for you. As part of your team, we will build your People Plan putting in place strong practices, moving from risk minimisation, propelling productivity and performance. You’re in the driving seat when it comes to workload and budget, without the additional headcount costs.
  • Q. What industries are you experienced in?

    A. Our industry experience is varied. It includes IT & Telecommunications; FMCG; Financial Services, Health Insurance, Policing, Funeral, General Retail, Child Care, start-ups, Real Estate, e commerce, Logistics, Local Government, Building & Construction, Disability Services, Technology, Digital Design, Aged Care, Hospitality, Security.
  • Q. What insurances do you have in place?

    A. All of our work is covered with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances. We enjoy close working relationships with a range of professional partners including BookKeepers, Accountants and Employment Lawyers.
  • Q. Do you provide support to teams?

    A. Absolutely! We love working with teams. As a qualified coach, being able to work with teams toward building high performance or addressing specific issues such as communication or trust is a real privilege. We know behaviour change takes time so where it is possible we work with you to develop a bespoke solution to address your team’s needs aligned to business goals.
  • Q. We have some underperformers; can you help us?

    A. Yes. Without fail, underperforming employees can be some of the most worrying times in your business. Aside from the worry, the effect to many can be harmful and long lasting. We will work with you to get to the bottom of the issue, put in place a plan to fix and we will build practices to minimise the risk of this happening again.
  • Q. Can you assist with employee / staff performance reviews?

    A: Absolutely. Part of our promise to our retained partners is to build capability within the organisation as and where it is needed. We develop quality systems such as Performance Management and believe that investing in building people leaders’ capability to have confident and meaningful performance conversations, including reviews. We will partner with you then step away when the time is right.
  • Q. Not only do you consult but you coach as well. What is right for me?

    A: Coaching can be considered as a conversational process that leads to a change of thinking or behaviour with the aim of improving outcomes in professional contexts. We want to support people to achieve more of their potential and maintain or enhance well-being. Coaching tends to be less directive in nature when compared with consulting. Consultants are often sought to provide advice and solutions. A useful summary:
  • Q. My team is located in multiple places. Do you support us on site or remotely?

    A: We combine remote and on site working, depending on what is required, we have a variety of ways to work with you to best suit the situation.
  • Q: Do you have other professional qualifications and accreditations?

    A: Yes. We have a strong belief in having an evidence base to what we do and we are constantly learning. Our post graduate qualifications extend to Human Resource Management; Business Coaching; Employment Relations; Occupational Health & Safety Management; Alternate Dispute Resolution and Government Investigations. Our memberships include the Australian Human Resources Institute and local business chambers. and accreditation with Human Synergistics (LSi & GSi) tools useful for individual and team development in both consulting and coaching capacities.
  • Q: I’m tired of waiting on the phone for advice. What I really want is for someone to know my business, without having to retell my story every time. Can you support in this way?

    A: Yes. We are too busy to spend time on the phone waiting. We love getting to know your business, the good and the bad, this makes our job interesting and rewarding, and we believe we give better advice and support when we are familiar with who you are and what you stand for.