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Save time, reduce stress and create a clear groundwork for your employee relationships with our ORGANISE packages. Each ORGANISE package targets a common small business problem and provides an easy to understand, practical solution. Whether you purchase as a bundle or separately, our ORGANISE packages give you a DIY human resource alternative, so you aren't paying for what you don't need. Our ORGANISE packages give small or new businesses the sturdy human resource foundations they need to focus on what they do best and grow.

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First hire

First hire

The first person you hire can make or break your business. Our first hire package gives you day-one blueprints for what your obligations and role are for your first employee.

To get you started on the right foot, we walk you through contract basics and award classifications in our detailed consultation sessions. This approach ensures you put your best foot forward.


$ 695 + GST           

  • 2 x 30 minutes consultations (briefing and delivery walk through)
  • 1 employment contract template (permanent or casual)
  • Modern Award determination & classification
  • Job Description builder
  • New starter essentials checklist


Employee basics

Employee basics

Once you’ve hired, you need to make sure your employees have everything they need to succeed.

This package includes the crucial elements required to set the tone of your business, your workplace culture, what’s expected and what’s not accepted.

Ensuring clear and professional communication about the type of business environment you plan to foster for your employees is essential to ongoing success.


$ 795 + GST           


  • Code of conduct
  • Acceptable workplace behaviour
  • Attendance and absenteeism
  • Leave policy
  • Underperformance and misconduct
  • Social media
  • Technology use
  • Grievance


  • Probation- successful & unsuccessful
  • Warning letter
  • Notice to attend meeting
  • Record of meeting
  • Performance improvement guidelines
Work, health & safety

Work, health & safety

Important for any small or new business, our WH&S package is the complete detailed checklist of everything a small business needs regarding workplace regulations and guidelines.

Give yourself peace of mind that you are prepared should the situation arise with our Work, Health & Safety package.


$ 495 + GST           

  • Code of conduct
  • Acceptable workplace behaviour (anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment)
  • Workplace drug & alcohol
  • Smoke free workplace
  • WHS General
  • Rehabilitation (return to work)
  • First aid
  • Incident report and investigation
  • Warning letter - WH&S compliance failure
Employment contracts

Employment contracts

The bread and butter of your employee-employer relationship. Employment contracts can be complex and detailed, challenging even the most focused of researchers, let alone business owners.

Purpose. People Solutions ensures that your employee contracts are easy to navigate and understand in any event.


$350 each

$1200 + GST for all

  • Full Time
  • Part time
  • Casual
  • Apprentice
Casual employment

Casual employment

With casual hiring growing in popularity as a lean way to grow a small business, it's critical you manage casual employees correctly. This package contains all the information you need for  casual employment, to ensure successful working relationships.


$450 + GST           

  • Casual contract template
  • Casual conversion letter
  • Hiring and managing casuals guidance
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Amanda and her team delivered above and beyond, in a cost effective way and took something that was causing me stress and made it simple. No fuss, accurate and timely service. Purpose. People Solutions put my mind at ease and made it straightforward. All the information I needed was provided in a few short days. I know I will get a reliable and trustworthy service.

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