How we Implemented a Training Program at Kiama Municipal Council

Purpose. People Solutions was hired to design, develop and implement a training program for a 12-strong frontline customer service team at Kiama Municipal Council.

The Problem

The Council had identified that it’s training – which involved relying on colleagues– was risky due to the potential to leave staff with knowledge gaps. Neither did it address the full range of issues and information staff may be required to be across. There was also a legacy of some customer service staff feeling undervalued and unheard.

Council didn’t want an off-the-shelf HR product that wasn’t specifically tailored to its needs; they required professionals with a background in human resources as well as industrial relations. As Diane Ellison, Organisational Development Coordinator at the Council, says,

“Because we work in a competency framework that’s aligned with our salary structure, it was really important not just to contract an organisation that can facilitate or design training, but one that understands how that interfaces with industrial instruments”.

Where We Come In

Council engaged Purpose. People Solutions to develop a structural framework for customer service training, including a full learning sequence. The goal was to assess needs and develop training that encompassed information from diverse departments within the council, and that would turn out technically proficient, confident and knowledgeable staff.

Training Framework

Purpose. People Solutions involved all key stakeholders to deliver a highly functioning training framework that promoted clarity throughout the Council.

“Amanda and her team provided sound, professional advice every step of the process,” says Human Resources Officer, Ellen Marie Lloyd.  “The solutions they delivered were practical and easy to implement and we were supported through the challenging parts of the process.”  

Our Employability

Customer Service Coordinator Amy Bowles says, “Purpose. People Solutions gave the customer service team at Kiama Council exactly what we needed. The project to implement a training framework was going to be a big hurdle, and Purpose. People Solutions was able to take care of it. It empowered us to utilise this new training framework tool and system to build our own content, while providing unique talents and skills to guide us along the way.”

Purpose. People’s Positive Effect

Purpose. People Solutions’ training has had a positive effect throughout the Council’s business. It strengthened relationships between stakeholders, empowered supervisors, and produced staff with expertise using consistent training pathways.

“Sometimes with consultants you get back you’ve given to them. What we got from Purpose. People Solutions was value-add. We ended up with a structure and a framework that we can own, that we can develop, and that our customer service team can continue to evolve. In short, we haven’t just got what works on the day, but something we can build on so it’ll suit us in the future as well,” says Diane.

Purpose. People Solutions