How we Time Saved Chasing Case with our Employment Kit

Small-business owner Casey Allen had an urgent issue. She had an employee about to start in her online-fashion business, but she had no time to create onboarding documents or find the appropriate Modern Award to pay the worker under.

How We Saved the Day

Purpose. People Solutions was contacted and within hours were solving Casey’s problem. “We scheduled a call for the following day, so I could brief Amanda and Heather. The deliverables were emailed through within the week,” she says.  

The Benefits

Casey received an on-boarding kit that she can customise for each new employee, which included all the essential information and forms for superannuation and tax, as well as Fair Work Act information that must be given to a new worker. This was beneficial as Casey intends to add to her workforce later in the year. But the biggest positive for Casey was the time-saving element


“Not only did I get the documentation I was looking for, but it was delivered without me having to do any additional work prior to using it with my new employee,” says Casey. “It would have taken me weeks to put together the information they provided within a few short days.”


Purpose. People Solutions met Casey’s needs in more ways than one. “They are no-fuss, accurate, timely and [went] above and beyond. When I first spoke to the Purpose. People Solutions team, they listened to exactly what I needed. They put my mind at ease and made it all feel easy and straightforward. I like that I can come back to Purpose. People Solutions for any of my people-related matters and get a reliable and trustworthy service,” says Casey.

Positive Outcome

The outcome was something every small business owner wants. “Purpose. People Solutions were affordable for a small business and I can rest easy knowing I haven’t missed any of my important and/or legal obligations.”

Purpose. People Solutions- Chasing Case