How we improved people operations for a talented technology startup!

We were asked to join the team of a small (less than 15 employees) technology startup as their Head of People Operations in 2018. The team of talented technologists have transitioned from the ‘university lecture theatre to the Boardroom’ having won several prestigious awards.

This involved a series of welcome interviews to get connected and understand needs, a seat at the Leadership table and organising the annual cultural offsite, all form a part of the People Plan. Our relationship has deepened through the trials and tribulations of moving from startup to scale up and the reward is mutual in every way.

The business enjoys:

  • An unwavering commitment to the vision, values and capabilities 
  • A strong focus on wellbeing with low turnover and absenteeism rates
  • Deep trust, connection, resilience and compassion 
  • An exceptional Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS: 69)
  • Experienced and talented external advisors attracted to the value proposition