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The Capitalise package is your answer to project-based consulting or coaching needs. We can supplement an HR team’s workload or to provide strategic support. Services in this tier include employee-engagement surveys, workplace-culture improvement, executive leadership coaching, vision and values facilitation and skills development training.

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Quality performance conversations
Aspiration #1

Quality performance conversations

We were asked to develop leader capability toward quality performance conversations across a network of  early years learning centres and their training teams.

We designed a strengths based solution to build skills and confidence for all People Leaders with consideration to the busy environment of Child Care Centres. We quickly determined that the traditional Performance Appraisal process was not working and irrelevant. We built a set of Conversation Cards for employees and leaders and developed a calendar of monthly themes promoting short, regular and quality conversation and connection. The annual and lengthy process was removed, documentation minimised and the rating system eliminated.

How did it go?

  • Leaders report greater willingness and likeliness to engage in the process
  • Perfection is not the goal. The cards give employees and leaders permission to try new things without the worry of judgement
  • Transparency of expectations. Every employee knows they have time scheduled to meet with their Manager to set goals, discuss progress, give and receive feedback and praise.
  • Employees own their learning and growth. Themes can be swapped out one month to another to focus on what actually matters at the time
  • Peer feedback and praise is built into the design
  • Improved communication between employees and their Manager
  • A reduction in the prevalence of escalated issues 


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Amplify strategic HR
Aspiration #2

Amplify strategic HR

We were asked to supplement a Senior Leadership Team with strategic HR services upon the unexpected departure of a long standing HRM for a 24 x7 complex disability services organisation.

We worked closely with the CEO and redesigned the organisational structure to build strategic bench strength. Supporting the selection and onboarding of new leaders, we continued to extend project based and responsive HR services throughout the challenging start to 2020. 

How did it go?

  • We provide stability through practical onsite and remote support to employees and leaders
  • We fast tracked workforce planning and rostering adjustments to support essential workers health and safety needs without union intervention and minimal resistance from employees during COVID-19
  • We act as an independent thought partner with our knowledge of the business
  • The Senior Leadership Team is forming and over time, the real needs are becoming clearer. Our work has enabled the freedom of time and clarity to make an informed resourcing decision about HR and in a cost efficient manner.
Lead the organisational change program
Aspiration #3

Lead the organisational change program

We were asked to lead the organisation change program for a New Zealand based, Fortune 500 organisation embarking on significant change across its workforce. 

We worked as part of the local HR team and part of a global change team on the SAP  implementation across the supply chain, while at the same time, building a new factory, decommissioning and relocating employees and assets to enable a “one team” approach and culture.

How did it go?

Over an 18 month period of complex change, SAP was implemented with extensive training and advocacy to ensure solutions addressed local needs. The former factory decommissioned and greater alignment across the Production team under one roof and we temporarily led the local HR team while expatriate arrangements were being managed.

Building a High Performance Culture
Aspiration #4

Building a High Performance Culture

We were asked to design a bespoke performance management system to promote, motivate and reward a High Performance Culture.

We approached this by understanding the current needs along with the aspirations and vision for this fast growing, market leading retailer. The business had capably responded to the impact of COVID-19 and this mobility provided us confidence that their ambitions could be achieved.  Inexperienced in performance management systems generally, our opportunity was to influence and shape the design specific to their needs without the hangover of past system experiences (lets face it, few are positive). We introduced the Objective and Key Results (OKR) framework on a quarterly cycle, a monthly progress check led by employees and a quarterly Assessment and Rating process weighed equally between Performance and Values outcomes. The process of continuous assessment is focused on coaching styled check ins and it means there are  fewer surprises at the end of the year.

The outcomes:

  • OKR implementation with weighting to support priorities
  • Employee led progress tracking
  • Self and Manager Assessments (quarterly) with 4 questions each
  • Peer feedback
  • Leadership team calibration
  • Values equally weighted to Objectives
  • A Short Term Incentive Plan (STIP) which financially reward High Performance outcomes
  • A suite of tools to enable an efficient process focused on conversation not documentation
Aspiration #5


We are accredited practitioners of the Human Synergistics LSi / GSi (LifeStyles  / Group Styles Inventories) products, excellent evidence based sources for personal and leadership development. Amanda has a Masters Degree in Business Coaching (Distinction) and is a leading coach for the UOW Women in MBA (WiiMBA) scholarship program.


Absolute core partners of ours.

“Amanda has been an absolute core partner of ours and has added immense value to our business, whenever there’s a tricky situation or when it concerns our strategic HR planning, we – everyone from me to our office manager and Head of Marketing – call her for guidance.  Her approach is and has always been, outstanding. She is incredibly personable and balanced, being able to understand both commercial objectives and employee objectives together.”

Redelman, Co-Founder & Managing Director - Redsbaby

How we Implemented a Training Program at Kiama Municipal Council

The Problem The Council had identified that it’s training – which involved relying on colleagues– was risky due to the potential to leave staff with knowledge gaps. Neither did it address the full range of issues and information staff may be required to be across. There was also a legacy of some customer service staff feeling undervalued and unheard.
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